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TotalE-mailCare - Hosted e-mail protection

TotalE-mailCare from Scotsys and Integral Arm uses Microsoft technology that incorporates multiple filters to actively help protect your businesses' inbound and outbound e-mail from spam, viruses, phishing scams, and e-mail policy violations.

Electronic messaging is mission-critical, but with viruses, worms, denial-of-service attacks, spam, the need to satisfy a growing set of government regulations, and legal actions that call for e-mail as evidence, effective message security and management is increasingly difficult.

Why TotalE-mailCare?

  • Removes messaging risks such as spam, viruses, phishing scams before they reach your network
  • Increased end-user productivity as only legitimate messages reach your inbox
  • E-mail queuing helps ensure business messages are never lost
  • Continual updates from the expert spam team help eliminate tuning by administrators
  • Policy based filtering for incoming and outgoing e-mail allow specific file extension blocking e.g. MP3
  • Create company-wide e-mail disclaimers to adhere to new government legislation
  • Comprehensive set of SLAs backing network performance and spam/virus filtering effectiveness

Service Level Agreements (Terms and Conditions Apply)

TotalE-mailCare provides comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) backing network performance and spam and virus filtering effectiveness. The SLAs include:

  • Network Uptime: 99.999%
  • Virus Blocking: 100% protection against all known email viruses
  • Spam Capture: Capture of at least 95% of all inbound spam email
  • False Positive Ratio: False positive commitment of less than 1 in 250,000 email

What do our clients think?

“I would normally be subjected to daily bombardment of not only SPAM but of disgruntled employees complaining about having to manually filter reams of emails offering everything from “Cheap Rolex”  to cheap thrills in order to find the genuine business messages. Almost instantly the onslaught ceased. Not only are there no staff complaints but it would appear that (to date) all “real” emails have arrived as they should.

The installation was, as promised, quick, seamless and invisible and we can now spend our valuable time dealing with our business emails and not finding our business emails.”

Ian Carrick, Managing Director, HBS Construction Ltd, Baillieston

“TotalE-mailCare filtering has dramatically reduced the load on my Exchange Server, resulting in an increase in productivity. The biggest impact however is the massive reduction in the about of spam received and the management tools to allow various levels of user-level management of their hosted spam folder is an excellent bonus.”

Roy Beeson, IT Manager, The Corporate Merchandising Company, Luton

"We are really pleased with the TotalE-mailCare spam filter.
No matter what we did we still received piles of spam, now thanks to this product we are virtually spam free leaving users far more productive time.
Over the months trial we have monitored what spam has been stopped and have yet to find a real bit of mail."

Billy Maxwell, IT Manager, Brunton Miller Solicitors, Glasgow

How do you get TotalE-mailCare?

TotalE-mailCare can be up and running quickly. There is no hardware to provision; no software to buy, install or configure; and no expensive training required for your IT staff.

TotalE-mailCare is available from only £1.75/month per mailbox. Contact us today and we will advise on a solution that meets your business needs.

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